QuestionHi :) I'm Natalee, from Russia. Huge thanks for City of Bones! I fell in love with CoB at first sight, it's true! I've accidentally watched this movie and now I think it was the best accident in my life! I've read all TMI books after movie, I want to know whole story :) If I read book after movie adaptation, I think, it's very good movie! Cast, video, music, decoration and every thing are perfect for me! There are no boring or empty scenes! Thanks a lot again! Now I'm waiting City of Ashes :) Answer

Thank you very much. Great to hear from fans in Russia. Harald

QuestionYou did an extraordinary work with City of bones, everything was perfect! :) I love the adaptation! iIlove the books and of course the movie, thank you! and I would like to know if we will have City of ashes? I hope so with all my heart, and congratulations again :) Answer

Thank you so much. We will keep you posted. Harald

QuestionCannot wait for city of ashes! Absolutely loved the first movie, you did a fabulous job with an amazing cast. Choosing jamie for jace was just perfect. Answer

Thanks. I agree. He’s perfect. Harald

QuestionDo you know about when we just might get news on the production of City of Ashes? Not to be impatient but the first movie was flawless! :) Answer

Thank you. We will keep you posted. Harald

QuestionTremendous movie, in my opinion movie plot even more fascinating and noteworthy, than Twilight. Only it seems to me not so correct that stake on teenagers; me, for example slightly for 30, but I won't tell that the plot wasn't interesting to me. Answer

Thanks. Harald

QuestionHello Harald, I'm from Brazil and I am in love with Mortal Instruments, besides being in love with Jace and Clary, madly! I wonder if there will be "Mortal Instruments - City of Ashes" because I really need Jace and Clary in my life hahaha Congratulations, and was both a production, and the film is completely perfect, I loved. Answer

Thank you. We’ll keep you informed. Harald

QuestionDear MR. Zwart: I am a grade 7 teacher near Toronto Ontario. I studied City of Bones with my class. We discused what changes we thought might happen when you adapted it to a movie, and you did some of them! Anyways, I have a student with terminal cancer in my class (Sheyanne). She would like to love to be an actress and loves these books. Is there any way I could bring my class and Sheyanne to visit the set when you begin filming in Toronto for City of Ashes? It would make her day! Answer

Dear teacher. What a wonderful message. I am happy to hear you think we made right choices and that you and your class would have done mostly the same. I would also love to accommodate your request as soon as we have more definite plans about the sequel. All the best, Harald Zwart

This years pumpkin.

QuestionHello. I just need to tell you what an amazing work you did with the mortal instruments; city of bones, I absolutely loved it. It's honestly one of my favorite films now I've watched it multiply times ,I'm so exited for the sequel. So a big thank you to you and the whole to team for making this movie as amazing as it is :) Answer

Thank you very much. Harald

QuestionThe work and dedication you and the production staff put into this film is incredible and means everything to the people who fell in love with this series of books. Thank you for bringing, City of Bones to life, it was everything I hoped it would be and more! I am counting the days for COA :) Answer

Thank you. That’s very kind. Harald Z